Ugh. Just had to resort to buying something on Amazon because I can’t get the thing anywhere else. Not happy about it.

This is going to piss off Orange Hitler so much. Delicious.

A pair of WTB Exposure tyres (30 mm, tan wall) has just arrived. Looking forward to trying road tubeless for the first time.

I updated my post collecting Amber Ruffin’s videos about her encounters with the police. Watch them.

Clip of Kimberly Jones on the riots, property damage, and the broken social contract.

She’s right.

Longer source video below. Well worth watching and sharing.

I just had the thought that ASMR is the hoo-man equivalent of Oo-mox.

Listen to Arnie, he knows.

Eben endlich “Was weiße Menschen nicht über Rassismus hören wollen” von @alicehasters bei einem lokalen Buchladen bestellt.

Ist schon zu lange auf meiner Leseliste und ich brauche mal eine deutsche Perspektive zum Thema, denn ich kenne hauptsächlich die Situation in den USA.

Speaking of my bikes and Pandemic Purchases™:
I’ve ordered an oval chainring to try on Battle Cat, my gravel bike. I finally built up enough curiosity about those things to purchase one. Should be interesting going from a 32-tooth round to a 36-tooth oval.

This combo of a e*thirteen TRS Plus Gen 2 12-speed cassette paired to a SRAM X01 Eagle derailleur is giving me serious headaches. Shifting is perfect but I can’t get rid of a clicking noise in gear 9 under load. I’m sure it’s the indexing but I can’t get the setting right.

Black comedian and writer Amber Ruffin recounts encounters with police

I adore Amber Ruffin’s comedy and I look forward to her appearances on Late Night with Seth Meyers every time.

With the protests following the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police in the U.S. continuing and the Trump Regime doing everything they can to brutally crush them, Seth Meyers and his team have started bringing on more black voices during the recent shows. Amber Ruffin spoke of two of many encounters she had with police as a black person.

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I’m still discovering this new region I live in and this view was offered to me on a recent longer bike ride.

Looking into a valley past a bench around a tree

Das sollte mal wieder erwähnt werden:
Ich bin überzeugter Antifaschist.

That wasn’t half bad of a ride yesterday. The last 10 km weren’t pretty but overall I’m happy and not nearly as exhausted as after the 60k ride last Sunday.

Map of ride 2020-05-31

The Specialized Power Arc Elaston is on the gravel bike and my Fabric Scoop Pro is on the road bike again. Did a quick shopping ride with the latter and my butt is thankful I removed the Ergon SR Road.

The ease of maintenance and customisability of DT Swiss hubs continues to impress me.

So @Twitter, Trump has thrown down the gauntlet. How about you show him who’s boss by enforcing your own rules and booting him from the platform? And when the GOP asks for an explanation, send them the same boilerplate response that you give to victims of right wing abuse.

She’s cute and she damn well knows it. That’s her “What are you doing? Can we continue with the hike, please?” look she sometimes gets when I take too long taking pictures.

Mika looking mildly annoyed

In mid-2017 I fell back in love with cycling and the Cannondale Slate was the bike I lusted after. Sadly the geometry didn’t fit. I wouldn’t trade my Litespeed T5G for anything but this new 2020 Topstone Carbon Lefty 1 build is 🧑🏻‍🍳💋 (review by John Watson on The Radavist).

"Donald the Reaper", an incredibly powerful drawing by Mark Dolk

The Dutch artist Mark Dolk posted this drawing on their Instagram page on 10 May 2020. A few days ago, as the COVID-19 death toll in the U.S.A. rose over 100,000 people and Donald Trump went golfing once again, the image went viral.

"Donald the Reaper" by Mark Dolk

There is a criminal in the White House. A traitor to the American people, aided and abetted by a corrupt Attorney General, encouraged and protected by a criminally depraved Republican Party who use Trump as a shield to pursue their worst impulses and to enrich themselves and their friends.

This man and his cronies are actively dismantling what remains of the democracy of the United States and they do not care how many U.S. citizens they kill to achieve the goal of turning the republic into an empire.

As the researcher and writer Sarah Kendzior said

This is a transnational crime syndicate masquerading as a government

Trump and the rest of his regime must be voted out and prosecuted. There is nothing they fear more than losing the election in November because if they do, there’s a faint chance they might face consequences for their actions, and they are doing everything in their power to prevent this from happening.

Ok, I’ve had it with this Ergon saddle; it needs to go. I’m going to move my Fabric saddle from the gravel bike to my road bike and will try out the Specialized Power Arc Pro Elaston. Looking forward to trying it and to a more comfortable saddle on the road bike.

I felt good after the ride yesterday but my legs are quite empty today. Huh.

Map of 25 May 2020 ride

Himmelreich from above

Sehr schöner und bissiger Beitrag der heute-show zu den Auswirkungen von COVID-19 auf die Verkehrswende und die Anstrengungen der Industrie die Pandemie als Mittel zur Aufweichung der Klimaziele zu missbrauchen.

Walked past these super relaxed cows on my Sunday hike. The meadow they were on was fenced off on the one side and had a stream on the other side. They looked like they’re vacationing.

Cows relaxing on a meadow

Der deutsche Verfassungsschutz sollte einer gründlichen Prüfung unterzogen werden

Das unser deutscher Verfassungsschutz zumindest inkompetent ist und häufig höchst bedenkliche Entscheidungen trifft, war schon bekannt, bevor die Ausmaße der Terrorserie des NSU ans Licht kamen. So viel ist, denke ich, unumstritten.

Mit den Äußerungen des ehemaligen Chefs des BfV, Hans-Georg Maaßen, am 07.09.2019 zu den Hetzjagden gegen ausländisch aussehende Menschen durch Rechtsradikale in Chemnitz, fragte ich mich zum ersten Mal wie weit – nicht ob – der Verfassungsschutz von Rechtsradikalen und Rechtsextremen unterwandert wurde.
Die offensichtliche ideologische Nähe von Maaßen und der NSDAP-Nachfolgepartei AfD machen dies nicht besser. Und überhaupt ist Herr Maaßen der Verfassung und dem Grundgesetz gegenüber eher feindlich eingestellt.

Jetzt bewirft sich der Berliner Verfassungsschutz mal wieder nicht mit Ruhm, indem das Klimaschutzbündnis „Ende Gelände“ als linksextrem eingestuft wird.

Diese und viele weitere Vorfälle lassen mich daran zweifeln, ob der Verfassungsschutz tatsächlich noch den ursprünglichen Auftrag verfolgt, oder mittlerweile nur noch ein weiteres Werkzeug von rechten und neoliberalen Akteuren ist. Und diese Vorstellung gefällt mir überhaupt nicht.

Es ist, meiner Meinung nach, Zeit das Bundesamt und die Ableger in den Ländern einer sehr gründlichen Prüfung zu unterziehen. Alle Personalentscheidungen und Handlungen der letzten paar Jahrzehnte gehören genau unter die Lupe genommen und daraus müssen Konsequenzen gezogen werden.