Certain behaviours of my 2016 MacBook Pro baffle me. Earlier today this happened:
The left side Thunderbolt ports stopped accepting power, then my USB mouse stopped working, a few seconds later the HDMI signal cut out. The right side worked and a reboot fixed everything. 🤔 😕

Working from the garden. My dog walks over to her empty water bowl, showing me she’s thirsty. I take the bowl, walk inside, rinse it, fill it with fresh water, and take it outside again. She sniffs it, walks inside to drink from the bowl in the kitchen and comes back out. 🤦🏻‍♂️

This little, new blackbirb was sunbathing and warming its butt on warm tiles of our terrace a few days back. Smart birb.

Blackbird sunbathing on tiles warmed by the sun

These two titanium Wolftooth Morse Cages just replaced the magnetic Fidlock bottles I had on there. When shouldering my bike, I’ve sometimes detached the Fidlock bottles in the most inexpedient moments. Moving the otherwise rock-solid Fidlock system to my road bike.

Bin gespannt, ob unsere Bundesregierung das Richtige tut und Unternehmen, die jetzt nach Subventionen schreien, vorschreibt, dass diese Steuergelder nicht für Boni, Dividenden, oder Aktienrückkäufe verwendet werden dürfen.

“Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Ray Dalton is one of those songs that always gets me to bob my head wildly.

Well, now I finally know where Oreos come from.

brown cows with a wide white vertical stripe in the middle on a meadow

4 May be with you.

Na das ist ja mal ein toller Start in die neue Woche. Bin aufgewacht und habe aus irgendeinem mir unerfindlichen Grund ein altes Lied von Xavier N. als Ohrwurm im Kopf. 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️😭

So so, MS Office für das iPad erhält bald Multi-Window-Support. Schön. Überfällig aber schön. Jetzt wäre es doch mal toll, wenn alle Google-Apps das auch schaffen.

This is so dark.
Monster under the bed — SMBC by Zach Weinersmith

Monster under the bed — SMBC

I watched an episode of the latest and last season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars during lunch. As if Ahsoka wasn’t already my favourite character in the entire Star Wars universe. They tell such compelling stories with her and about her.

Had a bad day yesterday. Managed to pick myself up (barely), went for a short, hard ride and felt better after it. Ended the day with pizza, alcohol free beer, and Star Trek TNG next to my partner. Went to bed much happier.

The latter part of season 5 of Star Trek TNG is full of so many brilliant episodes. Love it. About to watch „The Inner Light“.

Seeing Stephen’s wife Eve pop onto the screen during “A Late Show with Stephen Colbert” made me smile. These two … ❤️

The Corona Pandemic is not over, people. Keep the social distancing going and do not congregate. Stay safe!


(Thanks to @ShawnKing for sharing this amazing video.)

Welp. Went to bed at 2300 and woke with a start at 0400 from what must’ve been a really weird dream that I cannot even remember. Didn’t manage to fall back to sleep again. What a great way to start the day. Now where’s my coffee?

Mine is supposed to arrive tomorrow and this review of the Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro by Dieter Bohn makes me think that it’s going to work as well for me as I hope.

I say this with all the love I can muster:
Dear citizens of the U.S., this is the woman that could’ve been your president and you let her go. Are you nuts?


Also re: the previous post:
If you name a cat “Mowgli” instead of “Meowgli”, please know that I consider this a missed opportunity.

This is Mowgli, the neighbour’s cat. He’s checking if the coast is clear to take a poop in our garden or if our dog Bijou is around.

Cat looking over wooden fence

Seit wann bietet DHL denn Live Tracking bei der Sendungsverfolgung an? Finde ich sehr praktisch und es funktioniert anscheinend fast so gut wie bei DPD.

Bin positiv überrascht, wie unkompliziert die Einrichtung der FRITZ!Box 7590 und diverser Repeater als Mesh-Netzwerk ablief. Bin noch viel positiver überrascht, wie aufgeräumt, klar, und informativ die Benutzeroberfläche im erweiterten Modus ist. Freut mich sehr.

Very enjoyable video by Jack and Joe of BikeRadar about “secrets of the bike industry”. I bet not all of them are obvious to many (new) cyclists. Particularly the Law of Diminishing Returns and the importance of good tyres.

I ordered the Magic Keyboard for my 12.9 in 2018 iPad Pro yesterday. Really hoping that it works well in the lap and I’m so looking forward to the more laptop-like experience of having a trackpad always closeby.