I continue to be shocked about the incredible gap in competence and clarity of communication between Elizabeth Warren and the other Democratic Party candidates in the upcoming U.S. presidential election as well as the U.S. media’s seemingly intentional neglect of her.

I would kill for a Psion 5mx style keyboard case for my iPhone

No no no, hear me out…

It’s crazy how many things I can get done on this little super computer that is my smartphone but sometimes when writing longer texts, particularly email responses, or blog post, or telling someone on the internet how they’re so wrong about something (kidding), having a physical keyboard is a blessing.

So when this video popped up in my youtube recommendations, I thought, yeah no, not something like this because that’s stupid and unusable unless you have very thin fingers.

I’ve found this little old ThinkOutside foldable bluetooth keyboard for Pocket PCs over a year ago for € 30.— and take it with me as a redundancy if my laptop or iPad doesn’t work on a trip. They keys assignments are obviously made for Pocket PCs/Windows CE and the keys are not big but it’s still a huge productivity boost if you really need to write a lot.

iPhone 7 Plus on the ThinkOutside Bluetooth Keyboard

The Psion 5mx was maybe my favourite PDAs back in the day. The keyboard was big enough for some semblance of multi-finger typing and it was a pleasure to type on. If someone where to make a keyboard case for smartphones with a versatile insert system for different smartphones (read: future proofing) and a wired connection (think: adapters for USB-C, Lightning, Micro-USB), I’d be all …


I could live with a bluetooth connection too and in that case, add a big battery into the bottom to give it some heft and long battery life.

Alternatively, just make the Palm Foldable Keyboard again (at some point Targus had the rights to it), lest I might seriously consider making an adapter for it.

Mole hill I’m willing to die on:
Apple’s Butterfly Keyboards provide the most comfortable typing experience with the highest degree of precision. They’re fragile and require care but they’re amazing.

Symphoniekonzert des Collegium Musicum der Universität Trier. Immer wieder ein Genuß.
(Mussorgsky, Saint-Saëns, Brahms, Bonus: Paganini)


Fujifilm just announced my next camera, the X100V (ARGH!)

Yesterday Fujifilm announced a few new things at their “X Summit” in London. The most consequential one for me was the announcement of the X100V. It’s the fifth generation of the X100 series and it’s going to be my next camera.

I’ve been in love with the concept of the X100 series since shortly after I started shooting with Fujifilm APS-C cameras but it always had too many crucial drawbacks for me to consider actually buying one.

The lens

The first lens I bought for my X-E1 way back when, was the XF23mmF1.4 R. I purchased it because after inspecting the photos I had taken with the XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM kit lens, I saw that most of my shots were in the 22–24 mm range and I wanted something with a wider aperture to play around with. The 23/1.4 is still the lens I shoot with the most. I absolutely love it.

The lens in the X100 series, while decent, simply didn’t have the same versatility. Corner sharpness wasn’t very good at f/2 and shooting at close focus distances wide open resulted in very soft pictures. Coming from the XF23mmF1.4 R, that’s simply not something I would be able to accept.

(As a side note, the same drawbacks of the X100 lens also apply to the XF23mmF2 R WR lens, albeit not in the severity as found in the X100 series lenses up until now. It’s the reason why I sold the lens again after having used it for a few months.)

Weather sealing

I can’t begin to say how much I appreciate this on my Fujifilm cameras. I have it on the X-Pro2, on the X-T3, and I had it on the X-T1. I take a camera with me almost everywhere I go in any weather. Be it for a trip downtown or going hiking with my dogs. The cameras and weather sealed lenses have handled everything I’ve thrown at them so far and I had hoped Fujifilm would’ve added this to the X100F already, but no.

Now, the new X100V is properly weather sealed once you put a protective filter on the lens and that gives you an extremely compact package that you can take anywhere.

Flippy screen

Maybe you like it maybe you don’t, I like having it and dislike not having it on the X-Pro2. To get this in a camera as small as the X100V is just a nice bonus that only increases the camera’s usefulness.

After the announcement, I read the excellent preview written by Jonas Rask and immediately knew that it would be very hard to pass up on the X100V.

Then the first review by Chris and Jordan of DPReview TV was published and that completely sealed the deal. It’s worth a watch.

An observation regarding Fujifilm’s product policy

Chris Nichols and Jordan Drake mentioned something interesting in the video. Fujifilm has put almost all features found in the very recently released X-Pro3 into the X100V. More than you’d typically expect for what is essentially a compact large-sensor camera. Even the video features are solid for the most part.
This really made me happy because it shows that Fujifilm is essentially following Apple’s (and particularly Steve Jobs’s playbook) for positioning and releasing products:
Instead of artificially separating their product lines to prevent cannibalisation, by limiting the feature sets compared to the flagship products, they let their products cannibalise themselves instead of letting products by other manufacturers do so. This creates true choice for customers and—to me—is a sign of respect for the customers by the company.

Well dammit. Looks like I’ll be exploring a change in groupset and braking system for my gravel bike after all. This review of the Yokozuna Ultimo mechanical/hydraulic brakes makes them seem like a good option.

So that’s neat: it’s possible to update my camera’s firmware through the companion app on my smartphone. No more juggling with ZIP files and SD cards.

I find it so infuriating that even with iPadOS, the iPad Pro is still so much less capable in places than a 6 years old Surface Pro 2. Yes, this is not a simple situation, has a lot to do with my computing needs, and also not squarely Apple’s fault but it’s still frustrating.

I’ve started watching Vikings a number of weeks ago and I’m now in the second half of season 5. It’s striking how much more sensible, smart, and brave women are portrayed in the series. Torvi, in particular has grown on me; her character arc is great.

Today my Subaru Forester had the OEM stereo replaced with a Kenwood unit with Apple CarPlay. First impressions: Audio quality and UI+UX are just a tad but noticably better, call quality significantly so. This also shows that the speakers Subaru put in are already very good.

DPReview TV compares the Fujfilm XF35mmF2 R WR and XC35mmF2

Fujifilm continues to give me reasons to like them.

I started the video expecting to see Chris Nichols report on significant differences in optical performance between the € 199,— XC35mmF2 and the € 399,— XF35mmF2 just because capitalism. Sometimes it’s nice to be wrong and particularly in this case.

Fujifilm is taking the guts of this lens and making it available in an even more affordable package. That is such a great move because it gives a customer the option to decide if they want to spend money on weather sealing and a full metal build without having to compromise on optical quality or autofocus speed.

I have the XF35mmF2 R WR. After failing to take to it in the beginning, I warmed to it when I realised how fast this lens was and how nicely it renders high contrast scenes. It’s become my go-to lens for taking pictures when out for walks or hiking with the dog, because I can rely on it focusing quickly on moving subjects and capturing what I see. Then there’s the focal length that, while a bit tighter than I typically like, lends itself well for the types of outdoor portraits that I like to shoot. It really is Fujifilm’s Nifty Fifty and such good value for money. I’ve shot some of my favourite photos of my furry friends and some great portraits of friends and family with it.

A small red-haired dog in a winter coat and a red harness standing in a snowy landscape bracing against the cold wind

A Tibetan Terrier with a stick in its mouth running down a path

A big Leonberger dog yawning widely

The art of David Lanham

I absolutely love David Lanham’s art; he has such a distinctive and captivating style. I’ve gotten to know his work through wallpapers and icons made for macOS for The Iconfactory years ago (hey, remember CandyBar?) and I’ve been following him ever since.

No matter if you like cute or strange animals, otherworldly sceneries, or sometimes downright grotesque imagery, I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

These are two of his recent sketches that I couldn’t take my eyes off of.

David Lanham - Stream Lurker

David Lanham - sketch 2020.01.08

Lanham also recently published another one of his wallpaper packs that contain lots of amazing paintings and exclusive art that you won’t find anywhere else, all in wallpaper sizes. It’s a steal for the price he’s asking.

This continues to be one of my favourite electronic tracks:
Daft Punk — Derezzed

Literally every time I walk in on the dogs having snuck into the bedroom to sleep on my bed, seeing them napping, it feels like my heart just wants to burst with joy.

I’m not entirely sure how this happened because no one put the little stuffed toy pig on Mika’s back but I’m glad it did happen.

Mika with her stuffed toy pig on her back, lounging on the couch

I was just reminded again that I cannot stomach Michael Bay movies. Tried watching 6 Underground and had to stop. Liked the actors but was taken out of the story every couple of cuts. Not even minutes but cuts. Now I’m watching Iliza Shlesinger’s “Unveiled” as a palette cleanser.

I just remembered how much I liked the bumper style cases for the iPhone 4 and 4S and now I’m sad that I can’t find anything like it for my iPhone 7 Plus.

The first ride of 2020

Two weeks. Two weeks I couldn’t find a day with weather good enough to take Battle Cat out for a ride. Too much rain to ride in the woods, too windy to ride anywhere in the open without having to fight massive sidewinds and headwinds.

Yesterday was the first sunny day of this new year over here and I pounced on the chance to get even a short, mid-day ride in.

It took me longer than expected to get into the groove on this ride and for some reason my heart rate was higher than usual. So instead of overdoing it, I kept it short with a few good climbs.

I came home grinning, happy, and dirty; the way it should be.

Die deutsche Autoindustrie hat es verdient zu sterben

Diese Meldung sah ich heute in meinem Twitter-Stream:

Umstellung auf Elektromobilität: VDA verlangt Milliardenhilfen für Autohersteller und Zulieferer.

Ich empfinde das als Frechheit und es macht mich traurig. Ich bin Opelanerkind. Teile meiner Familie arbeiten oder arbeiteten in der Automobilindustrie. Trotzdem sage ich, die deutsche Autoindustrie verdient es zu sterben, statt Milliardenhilfen zu erhalten.

Diese Industrie entwickelt seit so vielen Jahren völlig am Markt, an den Realitäten des Klimawandels und den Veränderungen bei Transport und Mobilität vorbei, betrügt, drückt sich vor den Konsequenzen des eigenen kriminellen Handelns, lässt sich an allen Ecken und Enden vom Staat subventionieren und übertreibt die eigene Wichtigkeit für den langfristigen wirtschaftlichen Wohlstand dieses Landes.
Und jetzt traut sie es sich nach weiterer Unterstützung zu fragen, obwohl die Fehlentscheidungen und die Jahrzehnte an Missmanagement der Altherrenriege dazu führte, dass die Kacke nun am dampfen ist und dieser gewaltige Haufen Scheiße sich nicht mehr hinter einem Berg an SUVs verstecken lässt.

Es reicht.

Diese Firmen, VW, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche, undwiesiealleheißen, sollen entweder radikale Änderungen durchführen und ernsthafte, realistische und innovative Produkte anbieten, oder sie verdienen es durch andere Firmen ersetzt zu werden und zu Grunde zu gehen.

Ich habe keine Lust, dass meine Steuergelder dafür verschwendet werden Firmen am Leben zu erhalten, deren einziges Ziel es ist Shareholder Value zu generieren und den eigenen Top-Managern Millionengehälter zu zahlen.

Diese Firmen sind für mich als Betriebswirtschaftler der Inbegriff von Versagen: der Ruf nach Subventionen und offenen wie indirekten Drohungen, das Land würde wirtschaftlichen Schaden nehmen, zeugt nicht nur von fehlendem Geschäftssinn und Ideenlosigkeit, sondern auch von purer Feigheit und dem Eingeständnis, dass sie zur Teilnahme an einem tatsächlichen Wettbewerb im Kapitalismus weder fähig noch willens sind.

Ladies and gentlemen, the brilliant Amber Ruffin:
Amber Says What: The Cats Movie, Sharon Stone on Bumble

Ich stand eben an einer Ampel in der Paulinstraße neben einem Transportfahrzeug der Konditorei Raab und gebe ehrlich zu, dass ich mit dem Gedanken gespielt habe einen Überfall zu begehen. 🤤

Sometimes a little effort can make a good thing even better. Today’s example:
Warming the milk before putting it in the coffee.

XKCD continues to deliver. This is such a dilemma for me every time.

How your spelling of "OKAY" makes you sound

Today went nothing like planned. My partner wanted to go for a 12 km hike with our dogs and I would’ve gotten some gravel biking in. Instead we had to take Bijou (12 years) to the vet for what appears to be an episode of canine idiopathic vestibular disease. Poor pup.

Podcast recommendation

The Last Post

This is a daily satirical podcast hosted by Alice Fraser (@aliterative) featuring changing guests. It’s a spin-off from The Bugle, my favourite podcast of all time.