Oh and to add insult to injury, Adobe still doesn’t provide instructions on how to remove their invasive software from a system. That’s disgusting.

Tried filling a form with Adobe Reader. It refused to let me use the “print to PDF” feature built into macOS. I uninstalled Adobe Reader again. No software should ever interfere with system features.

Home improvement/wood working pet peeve: I hate Phillips and Pozidriv screw heads with a passion. Super unforgiving when you’re not screwing perfectly straight, not easy to get a proper fit even with high-quality bits and screws. In my opinion, nothing beats Torx.

Bijou taking a nap in the garden. Nothing more, nothing less.

headshot of dog sleeping on grass

Eben lief seelenruhig ein Storch auf dem Weg vor unserem Gartenzaun entlang. Bitte wie? Kann das jetzt bitte häufiger passieren?

Es war sehr eigenartig heute beim Gassigehen keine Kondensstreifen am Himmel zu sehen. Aber auch schön. Insgesamt war es sehr ruhig.

FYI, the Razer Abyssus Mirror is still my favourite wired mouse. Very reliable, no software drivers needed, sensitivity and polling rate settings as physical buttons on the underside, easy to clean, ambidextrous.

Seit der Ansprache der Kanzlerin gestern ist heute deutlich weniger los auf den Straßen hier oben in Trier. Schön.

Really cool ad for the new iPad Pro but dang that new Magic Keyboard has me excited. Glad to see it’s going to work with my 2018 iPad Pro. It’s an insta-purchase for me.


Holy smokes, the latest Slack update is great. Really liking the new organisation and having all major UI elements on one side. Bravo, Slack team, bravo!

Spring is here. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to a curfew and we all get to enjoy scenes like this. I guess having to take my dog out for walks might be even more of a blessing soon.

bee collecting pollen from white blossoms 01

bee collecting pollen from white blossoms 02

Today was a productive day on all fronts. Let’s hope tomorrow is going to go similarly well.

The feature in my iPhone 7 Plus that I like most these days?
Waterproofing. I wash it at least once per day with a tiny bit of dishwashing detergent and some luke warm water.

Not gonna lie, this week’s episode of The Bugle was one of the funniest in recent memory. Thank you Tiff, Alice, and Andy!

Watching ST:TNG “Galaxy’s Child”. Geordi’s storyline is one of the most cringeworthy things ever in Star Trek. The not so subtle crush he has on Brahms, the invasion of privacy, the horrible advances. Kudos to LeVar Burton for acting this out and Susan Gibney for enduring it.

This week was hard on all of us. So here’s a picture of Bijou napping peacefully. Maybe it helps a bit.

Mid-sized dog sleeping on a bed that is covered with a red blanket

I cannot even begin to express how much joy Star Trek – Picard fills me with. This perfect mix of a great story, amazing acting, cameos, and references, is almost too much to handle emotionally.

Interessant, ich beginne an den Liedern von Peter Fox Gefallen zu finden. Hätte ich vor einigen Jahren nicht gedacht.

Es gibt ja Leute, die verkaufen IKEA Ivar-Regalböden des alten Typs. Die sind doch wahnsinnig.

In reference to my last post, my current poison from Mondo del Caffè:
“F.U.R.O.R.E.” & “Indien Yellikodige Estate AA”

Two coffee containers with various labels stuck to the top

Ever since this comic was published for the first time, I briefly think about it when I make a fresh pot. (From Zach Weiner’s ever brilliant SMBC Comics.)

The switch to 1× is happening. New crankset and an e*thirteen XCX Plus 3-39 cassette have been ordered. Taking a bit of a gamble on the cassette since I haven’t found even one serious review of it online. Super curious how it’ll behave with a Shimano RD-RX800 derailleur.

Ok, I didn’t think this would happen but I might go hydraulic/mechanical 1× on the gravel bike after all. Updates soon-ish.

This woman is delightful, smart, and fierce. I believe the U.S. would heal and prosper with her as POTUS.
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert — Hometown Hospitality With Senator Elizabeth Warren

Apple doesn't care about audio quality my butt, Neil Young

By internet time this story is ages old, I know, but I was reminded again that Apple cares about audio quality and why Neil Young is so.very.wrong. 😉
He made a few waves in the tech sphere in late January by stating something to the effect of the Apple’s MacBook Pro having a shit DAC (Digital Analogue Converter) and Apple generally caring more about consumerism than creating high quality audio equipment for professionals.

Jim Dalrymple thoroughly debunked any of the claims made by Young on The Loop weeks ago but I wanted to offer a different example:
The Apple Lightning/USB-C to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter

Many people make fun of these little dongles and I get it. Apple removed the headphone jack from its iPhone and iPads and replaced it with an easy-to-lose USD 9.— dongle and they called it courage. My feelings about the dongle went from a solid meh (#donglelyfe) to loving these little things, seriously loving them. The reason is simple: they have amazing sound quality.

In more technical terms (source 1, source 2):

  • The output source impedance measures > 1Ω.
  • Frequency response is close to perfectly flat.
  • Harmonic distortion is almost nonexistent across various resistances (Ω).
  • Dynamic range is on par with previous iPhone headphone jacks, which had great audio quality

In less technical terms it means that these little dongles can drive extremely sensitive earphones with no to absolutely minimal changes to the frequency response (their sound signature) on the one hand and can also power full-size headphones on the other hand. To get this kind of flexibility and sound quality, you’d typically have to buy and lug around a dedicated portable DAC.

My earphones of choice are the Campfire Audio Andromeda, great sounding earphones that are very hard to drive properly. Sources with an output resistance of larger than 1Ω will quickly and negatively impact the sound signature, starting with reducing the bass response dramatically.

Using Apple’s dongles, they sound brilliant, same as they do on my MacBook Pro. I even use the USB-C dongle to listen to music on the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 that I use for work a lot. Its 3.5 mm audio jack is … not good, to be polite. With a USB-A to USB-C adapter and the USB-C audio dongle (again #donglelyfe), I get perfect audio quality listening to losslessly compressed music.

So no, Mr. Young, Apple does care about audio quality even on a consumer level. And what I use for proof are these tiny, easy-to-lose, beautifully sounding, flexible dongles.