This continues to be one of my favourite electronic tracks:
Daft Punk — Derezzed

Literally every time I walk in on the dogs having snuck into the bedroom to sleep on my bed, seeing them napping, it feels like my heart just wants to burst with joy.

I’m not entirely sure how this happened because no one put the little stuffed toy pig on Mika’s back but I’m glad it did happen.

Mika with her stuffed toy pig on her back, lounging on the couch

I was just reminded again that I cannot stomach Michael Bay movies. Tried watching 6 Underground and had to stop. Liked the actors but was taken out of the story every couple of cuts. Not even minutes but cuts. Now I’m watching Iliza Shlesinger’s “Unveiled” as a palette cleanser.

I just remembered how much I liked the bumper style cases for the iPhone 4 and 4S and now I’m sad that I can’t find anything like it for my iPhone 7 Plus.

The first ride of 2020

Two weeks. Two weeks I couldn’t find a day with weather good enough to take Battle Cat out for a ride. Too much rain to ride in the woods, too windy to ride anywhere in the open without having to fight massive sidewinds and headwinds.

Yesterday was the first sunny day of this new year over here and I pounced on the chance to get even a short, mid-day ride in.

It took me longer than expected to get into the groove on this ride and for some reason my heart rate was higher than usual. So instead of overdoing it, I kept it short with a few good climbs.

I came home grinning, happy, and dirty; the way it should be.

Die deutsche Autoindustrie hat es verdient zu sterben

Diese Meldung sah ich heute in meinem Twitter-Stream:

Umstellung auf Elektromobilität: VDA verlangt Milliardenhilfen für Autohersteller und Zulieferer.

Ich empfinde das als Frechheit und es macht mich traurig. Ich bin Opelanerkind. Teile meiner Familie arbeiten oder arbeiteten in der Automobilindustrie. Trotzdem sage ich, die deutsche Autoindustrie verdient es zu sterben, statt Milliardenhilfen zu erhalten.

Diese Industrie entwickelt seit so vielen Jahren völlig am Markt, an den Realitäten des Klimawandels und den Veränderungen bei Transport und Mobilität vorbei, betrügt, drückt sich vor den Konsequenzen des eigenen kriminellen Handelns, lässt sich an allen Ecken und Enden vom Staat subventionieren und übertreibt die eigene Wichtigkeit für den langfristigen wirtschaftlichen Wohlstand dieses Landes.
Und jetzt traut sie es sich nach weiterer Unterstützung zu fragen, obwohl die Fehlentscheidungen und die Jahrzehnte an Missmanagement der Altherrenriege dazu führte, dass die Kacke nun am dampfen ist und dieser gewaltige Haufen Scheiße sich nicht mehr hinter einem Berg an SUVs verstecken lässt.

Es reicht.

Diese Firmen, VW, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche, undwiesiealleheißen, sollen entweder radikale Änderungen durchführen und ernsthafte, realistische und innovative Produkte anbieten, oder sie verdienen es durch andere Firmen ersetzt zu werden und zu Grunde zu gehen.

Ich habe keine Lust, dass meine Steuergelder dafür verschwendet werden Firmen am Leben zu erhalten, deren einziges Ziel es ist Shareholder Value zu generieren und den eigenen Top-Managern Millionengehälter zu zahlen.

Diese Firmen sind für mich als Betriebswirtschaftler der Inbegriff von Versagen: der Ruf nach Subventionen und offenen wie indirekten Drohungen, das Land würde wirtschaftlichen Schaden nehmen, zeugt nicht nur von fehlendem Geschäftssinn und Ideenlosigkeit, sondern auch von purer Feigheit und dem Eingeständnis, dass sie zur Teilnahme an einem tatsächlichen Wettbewerb im Kapitalismus weder fähig noch willens sind.

Ladies and gentlemen, the brilliant Amber Ruffin:
Amber Says What: The Cats Movie, Sharon Stone on Bumble

Ich stand eben an einer Ampel in der Paulinstraße neben einem Transportfahrzeug der Konditorei Raab und gebe ehrlich zu, dass ich mit dem Gedanken gespielt habe einen Überfall zu begehen. 🤤

Sometimes a little effort can make a good thing even better. Today’s example:
Warming the milk before putting it in the coffee.

XKCD continues to deliver. This is such a dilemma for me every time.

How your spelling of "OKAY" makes you sound

Today went nothing like planned. My partner wanted to go for a 12 km hike with our dogs and I would’ve gotten some gravel biking in. Instead we had to take Bijou (12 years) to the vet for what appears to be an episode of canine idiopathic vestibular disease. Poor pup.

Podcast recommendation

The Last Post

This is a daily satirical podcast hosted by Alice Fraser (@aliterative) featuring changing guests. It’s a spin-off from The Bugle, my favourite podcast of all time.

I love me a good pun. I laughed more than I probably should’ve about this comic on Dork Tower.

Ugnaught pun

Two interesting concepts from DELL at CES 2020

CES 2020 is in full swing and two things Dell announced—or rather teased—have me intrigued:

The Concept Duet with its two 13.4 inch full HD touch displays and a traditional keyboard that you can put on one of the sides when you don’t want to type on glass absolutely looks like something is would use. I think it’s a great idea to have two screens that allow for adaptive interaction with content and controls and the option to read on it like a big book when I want to. This entire class of devices that Microsoft has been attempting to generate hype for since their last developer conference could become a really interesting computing experience.

Alienware’s Concept UFO is a gaming PC shrunk down and put into a device that looks and works like a Nintendo Switch. This is certainly a more ambitious project and less likely to ever become a viable product compared to the dual screen laptop Concept Duet. After reading and watching the coverage of this early stage concept, I can’t help but hope that it won’t stay just a concept but become a real thing. I’ve been playing Star Wars – Jedi: Fallen Order on a loaned PS4 and the thought of having this type of game on a handheld console that I can also attach to my TV if I want to is more than a little exciting.

Really enjoyed The Rise of Skywalker. Good movie with a satisfying, if surprising ending.

I’m trying very hard not having to get custom eartips made for my Campfire Audio earphones, so I’m trying the third type of silicone eartips now, the Final E Type in medium and small. So far they’re promising but ask me again after a day of listening.

“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” is going to be the first movie I watch in the cinema this year. Looking forward to it.

Ein frohes neues Jahr! 🎊
Happy New Year! 🎉

The last ride of 2019

With the weather as good as it was, I decided to get in one last ride this year. Nothing fancy just 40+ km on tarmac.

A road bike handlebar with two winter gloves stuck to the ends and a road in the backgrpund

Strava map of a 45 km ride

It was a good ride and I kept grinning riding along a road between the villages of Franzenheim and Kernscheid — at least on the inside because on the outside my expression was a bit pained from going uphill. I discovered this piece of asphalt a few weeks after my trip to Scotland in 2018 and it reminded me so much of the singletrack roads over there (the only thing missing are the passing places).

a wide field, the slightly cloudy sky in the background and a fallen over tree on the left

I was really lucky because while temperatures for most of the ride were below 0°C, it was dry and I only encountered a few spots of frozen ground.

picture shot diagonally through a bridge in the winter sunlight

And I have to say: I might not enjoy road cycling a lot but one distinct advantage to gravel cycling is not having to clean my bike after the ride.

Daumen hoch! Es ist nicht mal zehn und es wird schon geböllert. Die kleinere meiner Hündinnen bekommt jetzt schon Panik. Habe ich schonmal gesagt, dass ich Menschen nicht mag?

Finished two TV series in this neither-here-nor-there time between the years: Lost in Space, season two and the first season of The Witcher. Both of them very satisfying stories.

Impressions from a morning walk in the fog

We met up with a friend and her dog on a hilltop fairly close to our place for a morning walk. The weather promised some nice photo opportunities, so I took my X-T3 and the 35/2 lens with me. Not only was it a nice walk with great company, the pictures I got out of it didn’t disappoint, either.

Winter field with frost covering the green and the sun behind fog, a tree in stark contrast

A large dog running towards a flock of crows taking flight lit from behind by the sun behind thick fog

A full body portrait of a small red-haired dog sitting in a field surrounded by soft fog and lit by a weak sun

Backlight portrait of a large dog in front of a foggy field

A downward sloping field swallowed by fog in the distance, a high-voltage transmission line on the left

I couldn’t decide between using the Astia, ProNeg High, and Classic Chrome film simulations in a lot of places, so the pictures above are a mix of them.

Only just got around to reading this obituary for René Auberjonois by Nana Visitor and it made me sad all over again. I really liked this man’s acting and Odo is one of the best characters in Star Trek.

Mövenpick, Langnese, Landliebe und der ganze Rest sollten sich für die Eismogelpackungen echt schämen (gleiche Packungsgröße, halber Inhalt + Luft, gleicher Preis wie zuvor). Dumm nur, dass richtig gutes Eis schwer zu bekommen ist.