A lot of „bike maintenance firsts“ happening for me during this rebuild. Just now: shortening a carbon steerer tube.

Volksverpetzer auf Twitter:

Komisch, dass “Dinge hinterfragen” und “nicht alles hinnehmen” nie bei den Leuten und Youtube-Videos gilt, die einem zufällig genau das erzählen, was man gerne hören will.

Folks, I‘m disappointed. How come no one ever told how amazing 46/30 chainrings are? Just rode up one of the higher mountains in this area and I‘m thankful to be using a 46/30 + 11–40 combo.

We‘ve reached season 4 in our DS9 rewatch and I’m enjoying the living hell out of “Way of the Warrior”.

This gal. She’s so cute when she’s sleeping.

Bijou napping and a micro blep

Started a new bike project and was delighted to find out that I can equip a ~ 14 years old Campagnolo Zonda G3 rear wheel with a Shimano 11-speed road freehub. I mean, I’m used to easily serviceable wheels from DT Swiss but that feels like a different kind of future-proof design.

This is insane. I’m scared shitless just looking at some of those drops:
Remy Metailler Smashes Squamish Mountain Bike Trails

#WhereIRide 🚴‍♂️📷

Well that’s a bit disappointing. I bought a beautiful tool roll to replace the saddle bag on my bikes. Sadly, it appears that I can’t for the life of me pack it in a way that doesn’t have me fear it’ll explode riding over the first bump on a double-track trail.

Saw an article on The Radavist about a new project called Ride Together aiming to make cycling safer for female, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ cyclists and signed up.

Really nice ride yesterday with a few very punchy and exceedingly steeps climbs in the last third.

Fun Sunday activity (no really):
Upgrading my partner’s commuter bike from a 2×9 to a 1×12 groupset. Has about the same number of actual gears but with a much wider range, is simpler to use, looks cleaner, and saves a good chunk of weight.

Just received a „your order is on its way“ notification from a small manufacturer of bike bags (Studio Pursuit). Checked the tracking link and lo and behold, the package is with Poste italiane. So it is possible to send these when the parcel is actually in transit.

I fell down a fun rabbit hole on Monday evening watching Black YouTubers‘ reactions to „Eminem ft Juice WRLD – Godzilla“ back when the album was released.
Now the YouTube recommendations algorithm is a bit confused, I think.

Habe gerade an einer telefonischen Umfrage des “Bundesamt für die Sicherheit der nuklearen Entsorgung” teilgenommen. Eine der ersten Fragen war: “Sind Sie für oder gegen Kernenergie?” Mein Problem ist ich bin gegen Energie aus Kernspaltung wäre aber für Energie aus Kernfusion.

This video needs to be run in every ad break on Fox News from now until the election in November. No U.S. American should be able to ignore the fact that Donald Trump has turned the U.S. government into a crime syndicate.

Yeah, sorry, that’s just beyond unrealistic.

Foxtrot by Bill Amend – Impossible Dream

Fujifilm released their webcam software for macOS. Will have to try this later today.

Hach, immer wieder schön, wenn Aktionen von Rechten nach hinten losgehen und über die AfD gelacht werden kann. Dieser parlamentarische Arm des Rechtsterrorismus darf sich gerne selbst abschaffen.

That was one hard ride yesterday. Today my legs are totally empty and it took me three mugs of coffee to feel somewhat alive. Still, happy with myself.

Working on my Bedrock Sandals tan.

A JSON editor recommendation by a colleague and friend panned out and that’s going to allow me to move post from my old Ghost blog to Micro.blog in a sensible pace, correcting broken image links, etc. Looking forward to having my old content here again.

Every time I watch DS9, I keep being impressed by the portrayal of a single-father/son duo (Ben & Jake Sisko). It’s loving, affactionate, sensible, realisitic, and positive. Just beautiful to witness.

Neat review of the Paul Klamper disc brake calipers.

I considered these a while back for my gravel bike rebuild but there weren’t enough comprehensive reviews for me to take the plunge. I trust Russ.


Head of a small dog half in shadow, its whiskers illuminated, forest scenery in the background