Trying a Garbaruk chainring to reduce chain drop

Since going 1× on my gravel bike, I’ve had a couple of instances of dropping my chain on quick and bumpy descents. Pelting down a forest road at 50+ km/h, this was quite scary. It was also a bit surprising because the combination of equipment on the bike is supposed eliminate or heavily reduce the chances of dropping the chain:

The chain dropping only happened in the 9-tooth cog, which led me to think this might be caused by a lack of chain tension combined with the e*thirteen cassette. I got in touch with the e*thirteen support team and received a really great response, pointing out a number of scenarios and ideas for solving this issue: increasing the B screw tension, shortening the chain by a couple of links, or adding a chain guide.

Since I a) didn’t want to mess with the B screw too much so as not to degrade shifting performance, b) I sized the chain properly, and c) a chain guide is also out of the question because it would completely ruin – Ruin! I say! – the clean aesthetics of the bike, I looked for a different solution and I think I found it in a Garbaruk chainring.

Garbaruk builds these chainrings with 40% taller teeth and an overall longer tooth profile, as the two photos below show well, I think:

Race Face Cinch system 32-tooth chainring

Garbaruk 32-tooth chainring for Race Face Cinch

The overall fit of the chain on the chainring is also much tighter and the effect of this has been very positive.

Since mounting the Garbaruk chainring, I have yet to drop the chain, no matter the situation. I hope it’s going to stay that way and I’m curious how quickly the chainring is going to wear down.

Ein Familienmitglied testet aktuell ein elektrifiziertes Delta-Trike von Hase Bikes. Das sind schon echt schöne Maschinen und wahnsinnig gut durchdacht. Bin fast neidisch.

Finished season five of “She-Ra and the Princess of Power” yesterday.
What an absolutely amazing TV series this has been. Full of great character moments, depictions of complex personalities, stories of betrayal and redemption, loss and love. Highly recommended.

Deezer just put Tina Turner — Goldeneye into my shuffle and it reminded me how much I liked that song and how campy (in retrospect) this Brosnan Bond was.

Nickerchen sind das Geilste, was es gibt.

Radfahrttipp: "Kurze, harte Schotterrunde"

Waldweg mit Linkskurve, eingefasst von Bäumen mit einem Grasstreifen in der Mitte

Ich bin ja immer auf der Suche nach netten Strecken und insbesonndere nach solchen, die sich auf einem Schotterrad (englisch: gravel bike) gut fahren lassen. Verglichen mit Trier und Umgebung, ist hier um Freiburg (im Breisgau) das Netz an so gut wie ununterbrochenen Waldwegen natürlich bedeutend größer und ich erfreue mich schon sehr daran.

Also fange ich mal an die ein oder andere Runde, die sich bewährt hat, hier einzustellen. Vielleicht findet jemand etwas, dass gefällt.



There is a The Bugle live stream happening right now! This is not a drill! This is not a drill!

Für jeden Mann sehenswert und es wert die Lehren daraus zu beherzigen.
Männerwelten - Belästigung von Frauen

Bezüglich des vorherigen Beitrags:
Leute wie KenFM sind einfach nur üble Zeitgenossen, die für Geld jeden anlügen und Panik verbreiten.
Wie Dich KenFM anlügt: Gates will einen möglichst sicheren Impfstoff

Wenn ich Artikel wie “Stefan Homburg: Prof. Verschwörungsmystiker” von Bastian Brinkmann lese, frage ich mich welche Beweggründe Menschen wie Homburg haben, derartigen Mist zu propagieren.

I absolutely adore Chris Harris’s (@harrismonkey) videos about cars and the way the editors manage to capture his genuine excitement about the amazing vehicles he gets to plonk his butt down in.

First impressions: e*thirteen XCX Plus 11-speed & TRS Plus Gen 2 12-speed cassettes

The e*thirteen XCX Plus 9–39 11-speed cassette has been on my gravel bike for over a month now and I’ve ridden over 250 km with it so far. It replaced a Shimano XT CS-M8000 11–40 cassette that I’ve ridden for over a year and countless of kilometres. These are my first impressions of the cassette.

e\*thirteen XCX Plus 9-39 cassette and a Shimano RD-RX800 rear derailleur on a titanium bike

  • Shifting is crisper but a bit more fiddly to set up. I don’t know if it’s the higher number of shift gates or the tooth profile but it took me a while to get shifting right on the bike stand. The cassette would react more quickly to less than optimal indexing. Once tuned properly, I found that it shifts quicker, even under load, and the shift action feels more positive.
  • It’s louder. Not to the point where it annoys me but it took a bit of getting used to. I assume the lightweight construction with the large hollow space amplifies chain noise and shifting sounds.
  • The cassette feels solid and it has yet to show any signs of wear.
  • Chain wrap on the 9-tooth cog doesn’t seem to be an issue. I had read this in a couple of places and was worried that going with such a small cog for the highest gear could cause chain skipping but I’ve not had a problem. Mind you, I’m using a Ultegra RD-RX800 rear derailleur and a Shimano 105 11-speed chain (didn’t want to put on a fresh Ultegra chain, just yet) and I’ve properly adjusted the B-screw tension. Even going full-bore on a flat section, putting as much power as I can into it, hasn’t caused any problems (more on that further down).
  • With the chain on the smallest cog and depending on the chainring used up front (32-tooth and 36-tooth for my bicycles), the chain will be very close to the rear end of the chain stay. Depending on the bike, this may not fit at all. On my Litespeed T5G, I’ve noticed some chain slap going down fast and bumpy descents in the 9-tooth cog, even with a clutch rear derailleur. This is something I’ve never experienced with the 11-tooth cog on the XT cassette and it may be a deal breaker for some.
  • Lastly, and this is not something I’d ever see myself write: it’s noticeably lighter than the cassette it replaced. Sure, ~ 100 g might not sound like much to a less experienced cyclist such as myself but the back wheel seems just a bit more nimble, riding across bumpy gravel tracks.

All in all I’m happy with the cassette so far. It’s done exactly what I had hoped it would when converting my bike from a 2× 11 to a 1×11 system. With a 32-tooth chainring up front, the 9–39 spread in the back gives me an ample gear range, an easy 0.82 gear ratio in the lowest gear, a reasonably fast 3.55 gear ratio in the highest gear, and fairly tight and even gear spacing, particularly in the higher gears.

In fact, I’ve been so happy with this piece of kit that I bought an e*thirteen cassette for my city/commuter/road bike that has, up until recently, sported a full SRAM NX Eagle group with a 11–50 cassette and a 32-tooth chainring. I replaced the NX Eagle cassette with the 2nd generation TRS Plus 12-speed 9–46 cassette and the front chainring with a 36-tooth (soon 38-tooth).

Based on my initial experiences with the 9–39 on my gravel bike, what drew me to the 9–46 12-speed was a) the lower weight, b) the greater range of 511% on the e*thirteen compared to 455% on the NX Eagle, while at the same time offering c) a much tighter and, in my eyes, more sensible gear spacing in the higher gears. The first six gears on the TRS Plus cassette are 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 where on the NX Eagle the jumps are 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 22. My first road ride with the new cassette was a 45 km trip mostly on the road up a local mountain and then down again and I very quickly appreciated the choices made by e*thirteen.
Finally, chain wrap on the 9-tooth cog is perfectly fine with a SRAM Eagle rear derailleur and a GX Eagle chain. I tried a couple of times to produce any kind of skipping, riding at 80 rpm, on a slight incline, pushing 42 km/h (yes, I was very much winded after) and I experienced no issues whatsoever.

I’m looking forward to many more kilometres with these cassettes and I’ll write a long term review at a later point.

Stephen Colbert’s monologues while at home with their smaller and bigger mishaps are giving me life.


(Ich entschuldige mich für diesen obskuren Metawitz.)

Certain behaviours of my 2016 MacBook Pro baffle me. Earlier today this happened:
The left side Thunderbolt ports stopped accepting power, then my USB mouse stopped working, a few seconds later the HDMI signal cut out. The right side worked and a reboot fixed everything. 🤔 😕

Working from the garden. My dog walks over to her empty water bowl, showing me she’s thirsty. I take the bowl, walk inside, rinse it, fill it with fresh water, and take it outside again. She sniffs it, walks inside to drink from the bowl in the kitchen and comes back out. 🤦🏻‍♂️

This little, new blackbirb was sunbathing and warming its butt on warm tiles of our terrace a few days back. Smart birb.

Blackbird sunbathing on tiles warmed by the sun

These two titanium Wolftooth Morse Cages just replaced the magnetic Fidlock bottles I had on there. When shouldering my bike, I’ve sometimes detached the Fidlock bottles in the most inexpedient moments. Moving the otherwise rock-solid Fidlock system to my road bike.

Bin gespannt, ob unsere Bundesregierung das Richtige tut und Unternehmen, die jetzt nach Subventionen schreien, vorschreibt, dass diese Steuergelder nicht für Boni, Dividenden, oder Aktienrückkäufe verwendet werden dürfen.

“Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Ray Dalton is one of those songs that always gets me to bob my head wildly.

Well, now I finally know where Oreos come from.

brown cows with a wide white vertical stripe in the middle on a meadow

4 May be with you.

Na das ist ja mal ein toller Start in die neue Woche. Bin aufgewacht und habe aus irgendeinem mir unerfindlichen Grund ein altes Lied von Xavier N. als Ohrwurm im Kopf. 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️😭

So so, MS Office für das iPad erhält bald Multi-Window-Support. Schön. Überfällig aber schön. Jetzt wäre es doch mal toll, wenn alle Google-Apps das auch schaffen.

This is so dark.
Monster under the bed — SMBC by Zach Weinersmith

Monster under the bed — SMBC